How to make a Gin Blazer

How to make a Gin Blazer features a dramatic video on how to make a gin blazer with D1 London Gin. Shot at Peony, the new VIP bar in London’s Opium Cocktail and Dim Sum parlour, the video shows how to turn the classic Blue Blazer into a flaming winter warmer. Many thanks to 31Dover and Opium. You can see the video at

Here’s how to make the gin blazer:

70ml D1 London Dry Gin
10ml Giffard Crème de Cassis
2 silver-plated tankards with handles (you could also use heat-resistant jugs or small saucepans).
Blow torch or long matches
Serving glass
Orange zest

How to make:
• Combine the Gin and Crème de Cassis in a tankard, and light the mixture
• Pour the lit liquid from one tankard to the other
• Once warm, pour into the serving glass and garnish with the orange zest

If you’d prefer to take the safer option at home, simply heat the Gin and Crème de Cassis for a few minutes in a pan, until some of the alcohol has evaporated, then serve with the garnish.