Luck Be A Lady Cocktail recipe by Bourne and Co

Luck Be A Lady Cocktail

This is The Luck Be A Lady cocktail recipe using D1 London Gin created by Bourne & Co in Birmingham.

This cocktail was part of the 2016 D1 International Cocktail Exchange.


  • 45ml D1 London Gin
  • 22.5ml Yellow Chartreuse
  • 22.5ml Cocchi Americano
  • 1 small dash orange bitters
  • 1 small dash Peychaud’s bitters
  • Zest of a medium orange


  • Twist and add orange zest into mixing glass to disperse oil.
  • Add all ingredients and ice.
  • Stir until diluted and cold.
  • Strain into a chilled/frozen vintage coupette glass.
  • Garnish with an edible flower.
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