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D.J. Limbrey Distilling Company

D1 London Dry Gin

D1 London Dry Gin

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D1 London Gin encapsulates quintessential British flavours and aromas, with orange and fruit tea expressions around a confidently balanced juniper backbone.

The distillation in copper brings in fresh blackcurrant aromas that marry with the prominent nettle notes to deliver the smoothest and most versatile gin you will ever enjoy.

We use a very narrow cut of the purest triple-distilled grain spirit and introduce this to a copper pot still. We then conduct a batch distillation with juniper berries and bespoke botanicals including coriander, orange and lemon peel, angelica root, cassia bark, almond and liquorice.

Lastly, we add a daring kick of nettles selected especially for us by a master tea blender which is blended with our botanicals to create our unique 40% ABV gin of extraordinary British character.

D1 London Gin was awarded the highest, Masters, medals for the Super Premium and Contemporary categories of the global Gin Masters 2014 based on blind tastings by industry experts.

  • 40% Alcohol Content
  • 700ml
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  • Global Gin Masters Gold 2024

  • World Gin Awards Silver 2022

  • The Gin Guide Awards 2022 Finalist

  • The Spirits Business Master Winner

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver 2015

  • The Gin Masters Winner 2014

  • NOSE:

    A crest of nettle tailed by apricots with rich blackcurrant airs.


    Underlying juniper that endures through peaks of orange blossom, lemon oil and even coriander leaf flavours rounded by the elegance of nettle.


    Lingering sweetness from the juniper with an echo of summer fruits.

FAQ About London Dry Gin

Is London Gin made in London?

London Gin is a premium gin made from carefully sourced botanicals from around the world. Our gin is distilled four times for a smooth, clean taste. it is the perfect companion for any cocktail.  It is a common mis-perception that London Gin is made in London.  The ‘London Dry Gin’ name defines a style of gin that can be made anywhere in the world.

What is London Dry Gin?

All London Dry gins are distilled gins, but not all distilled gins are London Dry. Both are the product of multiple distillations, but that is where the similarities end. The process for London Dry involves the maceration of natural botanicals  and steeping in a neutral spirit from agricultural origin (usually grain based) and then finally distillation in a copper pot still.  The specification dictates that London Dry must be made with juniper as its predominant flavour and cannot contain any added sugar.  The alcohol must have less than 10g of Methanol per hectolitre of spirit.  The final product must be a minimum 37.5% ABV.

D1 London Gin is a premium London Dry Gin made from carefully sourced botanicals from around the world. Our gin is distilled four times for a smooth, clean taste. With hints of citrus around a juniper backbone leading to a spicy mellow finish, it is the perfect companion for any cocktail.

Serving Recommendation

For the perfect serve, pour 50ml of D1 London Gin over ice, add premium low sugar tonic and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. Best served chilled.

We suggest a low sugar or skinny tonic so that you can taste more of the bitter gin botanicals that are otherwise suppressed by the high sugar levels of most standard tonics.  We don’t recommend using tonics with artificial sweeteners.