Posion Blackberry Martini Cocktail

Posion Blackberry Martini Cocktail

This is the Poison Blackberry Martini cocktail recipe using D1 London Gin. Perfect for Halloween parties!


  • 60ml D1 London Gin
  • 25ml Vermouth - Dry but you can experiment with sweet if you prefer
  • A couple of drops of Ms. Betters Miraculous Fomer Bitter or alternative 10ml of aquafab/chickpea water. This will add a silkiness and foam top to your cocktail. 
  • A handful of fresh blackberries muddled with 10ml of sugar syrup or just use 25ml blackberry syrup if no fresh blackberries are to hand.


In a cocktail shaker add all the ingredients along with some ice and give it a shake and double strain into a coup or martini glass and garnish with some fresh blackberries on a cocktail stick.

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