Travel through taste with the D1 International Cocktail Exchange

Thirty-two of the world’s top bars and restaurants from the UK, Hong Kong, China, Canada and Australia have paired up and swapped signature cocktails as the D1 International Cocktail Exchange returns for a second year. Discerning cocktail lovers across the globe will be able to experience an authentic taste of global lifestyle, with a range of bespoke and luxurious cocktails, made with either award-winning D1 London Gin or D1 Potato Vodka.

See the cocktails below and read the full story by clicking on the link below.

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From Hong Kong, China, Australia, London and Canada

Through the D1 International Cocktail Exchange, consumers are able to taste internationally flavoured craft cocktails which have been lovingly created by some of the best mixologists in the world from the following bars and restaurants.

“At D1 London Spirits we have a passion for design, arts and culture. We’ve introduced the D1 International Cocktail Exchange to help bring a new way for cocktail connoisseurs across the globe to enjoy international craft cocktails. It’s about exploring and understanding the nuances and character of different places and very local flavours, which can be found in the carefully curated cocktails." Dominic Limbrey, D1 London Spirits founder.